As the world’s first MOOI academy, My High School Internship (MHI) works to provide an accessible internship platform for high school students around the world. Serving as an online workplace aimed at unlimited participation through an open Internet-based model, MHI's goal is to effectively democratize internships - the best way to bridge the gap between going to school and landing a great job, as well as boost a student's college application for higher education. Similar to the MOOC model but unique in its own right, the MOOI (Massive Open Online Internship) model is aimed at creating unlimited opportunities for peer-graded and supervisor-certified online internship experience for skilled high school students. Additionally, MHI also routes high school students who need skill development in their area of interest to specialized tuition-free & affordable occupational training programs for acquiring skills before actively participating in the internship program. In accordance with MHI's core values, the academy does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, color, citizenship, gender, age, academic score/GPA, financial status, social status, disability, or other such factors.

Meet the Team


Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer
Freshman Year/9th Grade (2020-2021),
Sophomore Year/10th Grade (2021-2022),
Junior Year/11th Grade (2022-2023),
Senior Year/12th Grade (2023-2024),
High School Name: Newark Memorial High School
Newark, California

Advisory Board Members

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO),
Junior Year/11th Grade (2023-2024),
High School Name: Raffles World Academy (RWA)
Dubai, UAE
Chief Recruitment Officer (CRO),
Junior Year/11th Grade (2023-2024),
High School Name: Raffles World Academy (RWA)
Dubai, UAE