Option 2

Steps, if you are a high school student who needs to sharpen skills in the area of your interest before beginning an internship in an area of your interest:

Join the specialized courses and training programs for skill development using either of the following options:

  • MOOC courses (IT & Non IT Areas): Enroll by finding a free (audit) or paid (verified) online course via MOOC Search Engine from top universities like Stanford, MIT, Harvard, etc. offered via Coursera, Udacity, edX, Venture Lab, & others. We are not responsible for the content of this search engine or any linked external sites and we disclaim all liability with regard to your access to such linked external sites. If you decide to access this search engine or any such external sites, you do so at your own risk.
  • OR
  • Live Online Classroom Sessions (Advanced High School Level Programs): Enroll in ONE-ON-ONE online paid classroom programs to acquire knowledge and for your skill development. Visit https://www.theivymind.com or call 510-470-0564. We disclaim all liability and if you decide to join or enroll in any of the programs or courses, please understand that The Ivy Mind does not offer guarantees or warranties for improvement and/or success and it is not affiliated with, endorsed by or in any way associated with the Ivy League Schools or other Colleges/Universities.

After you have acquired the necessary skills in the Option 2 High School Student Program, you will become eligible for the Option 1 High School Student and you may now follow the steps of Option 1 High School Student to join and complete our Massive Open Online Internships (MOOI) Program.